Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Ticking of Black Apartheid

We live in truly historic times. And by historic, I mean eventful:  Since 2016, the world has been rocked and re-shaped in various places experiencing dynamic -- and quite frankly, foundation-shaking outcomes.  You know what they are and where they're happening. You can't dip into any medium without reports of all political stripes assaulting you with updates.

As eventful as it has been, however, the turbulence is far from over. As I've written here previously, Europe, the United States, the Middle East and others are now at the brink of even more disruption as invading cultures clash with national traditions for territorial dominance.

But here's something you may not know:

South Africa, that black-dominated country that shed its white Apartheid government decades ago, is now being torn apart by a reverse Apartheid.  White South African civilians, who comprise about 10% of the entire population, are being systematically attacked and slaughtered on their own legally-owned farms and domiciles. This is a particularly interesting situation to watch, because unlike every other western culture on the planet, white South Africans have never been subject to, nor hindered by any sense of political correctness.

They know only the agenda of survival -- and historically, they've been extremely vigilant about it.

Anyone who has any knowledge of South African history knows that historically, the Dutch and English do not go quietly into the night. Even when fighting each other at the turn of the twentieth century, they were fierce combatants, and perhaps more importantly, never ones to back down from a fight. Their descendants are no less stalwart, which leaves us wondering just how they will take the fight to their enemy, the black Apartheid government of South Africa.

As a strategist, I'm fascinated by this situation, because the outcome of this conflict will not be a negotiated settlement. Far from it. I expect that within the very near future, white South Africans will take up arms and, through shrewd planning and sheer determination, quite likely win their cause.

The question at the moment is, exactly what would they be winning?

Taking the entire country hardly seems a likely possibility.  Not only are whites only 10% of South Africa's population, they are concentrated in a few disparate, densely populated locations around the country. Strategically, it would be suicide for them to attempt a coup to restore the national white government -- they have neither the weaponry nor the fighting forces for that.  What might make more sense would be the fortification of one or more of those white-populated regions in order to declare its independence from South Africa.

Think it can't happen? It already has, sort of. The country of Lesotho is completely landlocked by South Africa. And within South Africa itself, the town of Orania has been whites-only for years. There's your proof of concept. Motive, means -- all that's left is opportunity for it to happen.  And my suspicion is that plans for a vicious armed rebellion are probably nearing or at completion.

Most people suspect South Africa has a maximum of five years until the lid blows off.  Don't you believe it. The fuse on this powder keg will burn faster than anyone thinks, and when it ignites, the explosion will rock the world off its axis.


Blogger Philip Ngai said...

It's 5 years later.
It doesn't look to me like much has changed.
Just more of the same. South Africa's economy is a little worse. Their electricity is a little less reliable. Etc.

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