Wednesday, September 04, 2019

The End of Globalists

Years ago, I marveled at my grandfather's lifetime, in which he witnessed all kinds incredible events. He was alive to see the first powered human flight, automobiles, the invention of radio and television, two world wars, medical breakthroughs, the fall of monarchies, the rise of republics, the first moon landing -- too many to list here.  It was a span of time I reckoned could never be duplicated in terms of its historic dynamics.

Clearly, that was a major underestimation, because the turn of this century is every bit as dynamic as was the turn of the last, if not more so.

It doesn't matter what your political viewpoint, the important thing to keep in mind is that things are happening and they're not little, insignificant events. The events of 9/11 in New York City were, metaphorically and literally, the starting gun of a massive shift in global activity. And if you don't know your history, you may not know what's about to happen, so here's how it likely will play out:

Just as the American national elections was a replay of the dynamics of 1984, you can pretty much watch the election of 2020 replay the election of 1980. The latter was a strong repudiation of the Jimmy Carter's agenda; the former was a landslide confirmation of 1980, with Ronald Reagan flattening Walter Mondale's struggling advocacy of Carter's agenda. By the late 1980s -- after the weakening of its stature on the world stage -- the USA had returned to a more conservative, prosperous economy and its traditional role as a world power.  It was hardly any coincidence that having held them for 444 days during the Carter administration, Iran released American hostages on the day Reagan was inaugurated.  The Iranians knew there was a new sheriff in town.

Anything there strike you as remotely familiar or similar to what we're seeing in 2019?  It should. Swap out Carter for Obama and Trump for Reagan and -- regardless of your politics -- it's playing out in a similar way:

The American economy never lost its global dominance, but it had diminished. That's no more.   American defense capabilities had diminished, but that's no more, either. Where foreign powers once bluffed and intimidated Carter and Obama, they now sit up and pay deference to Reagan and Trump.

Lest you think history doesn't repeat itself, consider that at the turn of the last century, European monarchies crumbled for the last time as republics rose up from revolutions. At the turn of this century, we're witnessing the fall of the European Union and the comeback of self-determined, independent nations. Brexit is just the first domino to fall; the rest are lined up to follow.

And it's the United States that -- once again -- is leading the way.

America has re-established itself as the marketplace where everyone wants to play.  The American dollar is the currency everyone wants to bank. And the American alliance is the partnership everyone wants to cement.  China, North Korea and Russia place far behind the enormous economic and political power that, despite its squandering, remains vast in its reserves.  The United States is once again at the top of its game almost as if Eisenhower never left.

Yes, there's a New World Order. It just isn't the one you've been told to expect. It doesn't leave much room for socialists, communists or green-eyed globalists with "one world" visions. What it does portend is even more incredible opportunities for American growth, investment and self-reliance for Americans and non-Americans -- assuming they're ready to get on board.