Friday, December 15, 2023

Ego Defeats Communism

 As the globalist hysteria wanes around the world -- and don't kid yourself, at the time of this writing it really is waning -- one can't help wondering as to why the socialist, communist and globalist agenda are falling flat on their faces.  Though history teaches us that the world is an ever-changing vortex, not everything shifts in the wind. Some things never change.

And because they don't, changes are definitely on the way.

Forget about which political party you hate. Ignore any candidate you favor. Because at the end of the day, neither is really important.  I'll tell you what's really important: Getting a glimpse of what a non-capitalistic society really looks like.

Sure, we've all heard stories about the travails and travesties of Soviet communism.  Long lines at grocery stores. Miles of empty shelves. Years of waiting for mediocre goods and services. And the Chinese version isn't much better. The Chinese aren't exactly swimming in luxurious lifestyles, except if you complain about it, you disappear forever.  And let's not write off North Korea.  When it comes to starvation, you just can't beat 'em.

But that's not what's keeping western socieites from embracing communism.  You know what it is keeping them from embracing it? Good old-fashioned, reliable, ego. Think I'm wrong? Take a look at this lovely little illustration.

See that really dark blue? Those are exclusively western civilizations.  Every one of them is capitalist. See all those other countries?  They're not. Now total up the populations of those blue countries and you know what you get? That's right: a small minority of the world's population holding a disproportionate amount of wealth.  And I'm not talking about a little more than average.  I'm talking about a lot more than average.

At the moment, there are eight billion dopey humans inhabiting this planet and less than 12% of them are dark blue.  The other 88% are swimming in their own filth, trudging to and from their huts to scratch out their daily bread in some miserable landscape.

Yeah, that's where the globalists live.  That's how the globalists live.  Which means that if the World Economic Forum ever does achieve global domination, all those dark blue, Tesla-loving, vegan-bragging armchair socialists are going to take a huge hit in their standard of living. When they realize that a global redistribution of wealth would cut their $100,000 annual income down to an internationally equitable $4,000, their opinions start to change -- rapidly.

Not sure I'm right?  Then explain to me why those same armchair socialists have begun reversing their "sanctuary city" status while complaining about all those illegal immigrating "refugees" littering their streets and filling up their hotels. Apparently, those dark blue backyards aren't quite as far off from globalist destruction as those armchair socialists thought.  

Oh, there are lots of other reasons why socialism and communism will never win.  Some are human and some are just common sense. But all of them have one thing in common:  

History may be fluid, but human behavior never changes.